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Since taking the test around 2 months ago I have an understanding of my own body like never before. When I received the results I couldn’t believe the level of detail and information this kit gives you. From that test I found out what I am deficient in and what [...]

No one is born a champion….. hard work & good nutrition is key! Wish I’d done a MUHDO DNA test 10 years ago and maybe I would have saved a lot of graft, pain & suffering!

As part of my ongoing intensive research into the Sporting World, whether for the MSC Nutrition brand or seeking valid information on how to maintain & improve the wellbeing of athletes. This means I am constantly researching & comparing data that could best serve both to fulfil our current and [...]

When we got Phil’s report back we realised he had a gifted profile that was adaptable to both Endurance and Power, his VO2 max was not what he expected however in relation to his power and endurance muscle types it was not a massive drawback, especially considering his genetics showed [...]

I’m giving a shout out to a huge successor to part of my training.  I used genetic testing to unlock my genes because I want the best it’s that simple!  I had my gene test done with Chris Collins, I had size but defined hypertrophy was the goal and hypertrophy was not the [...]

I took my initial swab test with Chris in November, it was a simple mouth swab that was totally painless. Shortly after the test Chris mailed me to tell me he had the results from the test, Chris explained the results and provided me with the documents outlining the results. For my [...]

Through better understanding of my genetics, Muhdo has been able to put together a plan tailored to my needs, which has really opened my eyes to all sorts of foods and drinks I should be consuming. This season has been my forst of 6 seasons as a proffesional rugby player [...]