Welcome to the new you!


Step 1: About You

Order your MUHDO kit and tell us what you want to achieve and a bit about your health and fitness preferences – for instance are you looking to get ripped or lose weight? Are you a gym goer, a runner, meat eater or vegetarian?

Step 2: Genetic DNA profiling

Take our simple saliva test and send it back to us free of charge in the envelope provided. Our nutrigenetics experts analyse the data and create a detailed report and send it back to you.

Step 3: Personalised Plan

We then deliver a truly personalised health and fitness plan. With easy to follow advise tailored to you and your goals, whether thats weight, building muscle or improving your fitness.

Step 4: On-going support

The MUHDO.com platform provides access to inspiration, information and advice throughout your fitness journey – all tuned to your unique DNA and updated by the worlds leading fitness and nutritionist experts.

  • Muhdo DNA Profiling Kit



    Health is in your genes.  By discovering and exploiting your genetic gifts Muhdo will inspire, support and guide you to a healthier, happier, longer life.

    Lose weight, get fit, build muscle, sustainably.

    Health and fitness means different things to different people.  For some it means a radiant look and the energy to live life to the full.  For others it means building muscle and strength or extra fitness and speed.  For others it means losing weight and dropping a dress size.

    Whatever your health goal Muhdo is designed to get you there.

    The fastest and most efficient way to achieve health goals sustainably is by listening to and working with your body. Muhdo’s DNA analysis uses advanced genetic techniques to gain insight into your unique gene functions.

    This insight is then used to generate a highly personalised, easy-to-follow and completely free health program including recipes, exercise suggestions and lifestyle changes – all tuned to your unique DNA and backed by science.


MUHDO Weight Loss. DNA Profiling.

Want to lose weight? MUHDO weight loss is designed to help you loose weight quickly and in a sustainable way. It includes easy-to-follow advice, information and inspiration on diet, nutrition and exercise.

MUHDO Fitness. DNA Profiling.

Want to achieve peak performance? MUHDO Fitness is designed to help you achieve peak performance and endurance for whatever is your sporting passion. MUHDO Fitness includes helpful advice on nutrition, exercise, energy and sleep.

MUHDO Muscle. DNA Profiling.

Want to get ripped? MUHDO Muscle is designed to help you achieve body tone, shape and power. It includes detailed advice on nutrition, workouts, supplementation and recovery all tuned to your DNA.

Genetics Elite. DNA Profiling.

Want to be the best you can be? MUHDO Genetics Elite combines analysis of the complete genome with personal one-to-one inspiration and advice from the best nutrigenetics experts in the world of professional sports and fitness.