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MUHDO seeks to be the go to digital destination for everything health and fitness, because we believe HEALTH MATTERS.

MUHDO is a free source of inspiration, advice and information covering everything from nutrition, diet, exercise, sports and recovery. Our contributors are elite athletes and sports professionals, highly respected nutritionists, sports and conditioning coaches, personal trainers as well as recovery and sleep experts.



But MUHDO is designed to be much, much more than a health and fitness app. We help you discover and exploit your genetic gifts to achieve your goals.

MUHDO offers the most advanced and comprehensive genetic profiling and DNA Testing of any company in the Health & Fitness market. Our tests have both the highest number of genes and genetic variants tested, and over twice that of our nearest competitor. This allows us to design a more detailed, effective and easy to follow health and fitness program unique to you.


Our competitors sell tests, give advice and then it’s over. It’s a transaction. We’ve built and designed muhdo.com to be an on-going motivational partner there throughout the journey, available for inspiration, advice and support.


We’ve populated MUHDO with the best in sports training, nutrition and nutrigenetics. Our team has personally trained five world champions from five different sporting disciplines. We’re also working with the absolute elite in sports nutrition, supplementation and recovery.